Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Paul Newman and friends, Malibu, 1965

While surfing YouTube a year ago, I stumbled across these home movies taken by Roddy McDowell. As a film buff, I’m a fan of many of the stars shown here (look at Jane Fonda at 27, she was gawgeous!) There’s no sound, but you realize you don’t need sound. There’s no glitz or artifice, and yet the natural glamour that exudes from these beautiful people is thrilling. Back in the 1960s, Malibu was not an enclave of multi-million dollar homes and gated communities, but rather beach shacks, simplicity, and natural living. No internet, no cell phones, no paparazzi, no Botox, no selfies.

As a teen I idolized Paul Newman. I’ve seen every single one of his films. Here he is looking like Adonis. And there’s the young Natalie Wood. These folks weren’t called movie stars for nothing!

The mighty Kirk, Lauren Bacall, etc.