is Paris overrated?

I so enjoy watching and listening to Nate as he reflects, ponders and evaluates his existence on this earth (and his place in it.) I guess you could call him a modern day existentialist. An American, he moved to Paris a few years ago. In this video, he talks about the good and bad of living in Paris. I agree with everything he says.

In October I posted a similar video of his parents who sold their home in Portland, Oregon and temporarily moved to Portugal with the idea of eventually settling there. After viewing the video of Nate below, click on October 2022 and select “the shocking reality of moving to Europe” to hear his parents’ story. As someone who has lived and worked in three different countries (and has three different nationalities), I find people’s stories about choosing where to live very interesting. If lucky, we do have choices. The challenge is to make the best choice. I am writing this from Spain where I am at this moment pondering the feasibility of me living here in the near future. More on that in my next blog post.


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