introducing Alex

Alex, a Frenchman, has a series of reviews on YouTube. Here he is eating a delicious-looking beef bourguignon in a Parisian bistro called Le Petit Célestin. I’ve learned two important things here: the next time I make a beef bourguignon (a wonderful winter dish), I’ll ask my butcher for “joue de boeuf” (beef cheeks) instead of the other cuts I’ve used in the past. It’s a lot more tender. And I’ll add a small amount of “porto” into the sauce. Sweet and red, port wine is produced in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal.

7 thoughts on “introducing Alex

    • Me too. I’ve just come in after battling huge crowds in central Paris and Galeries Lafayette department store. I don’t know where all these people come from. Nothing to eat here except peanut butter and bread.

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