awestruck in Valencia

Well, awestruck might be a tad OTT (over the top), but I was instantly seduced upon arriving here. Since then, I’ve been walking around the historical quarter of this city with my mouth open, agog. And the question I asked myself at day’s end while sitting on a barstool in the hotel lounge quaffing a glass of wine (merlot) was this: have I been living in the wrong country for over two decades?

I LOVE this city. I should’ve come earlier. The architecture is drop dead gorgeous, the people are seriously sympathique and laidback, the food and drink is high quality and the overall vibe is cosmopolitan, authentic and relaxed. I left my camera at home and am obliged to take photos with my tablet. Not the best quality, but there you have it. These pics were taken at 7 pm as I roamed the streets of the Old Quarter before retiring to the hotel for food and drink.

The giraffe and the cat. See the marmalade cat slinking along the wall.

6 thoughts on “awestruck in Valencia

  1. We love travelling with you, Juliet in Paris. Or maybe one day it will be Juliet in Valencia?
    In any case, and wherever you are, a big thank you for your travel reports.

    • Don, I had a conversation this afternoon with an American guy from Philly who met and married a Spanish woman and moved here 20 years ago. He said that back then Valencia was dirty and unattractive. Since then, local government has had a progressive and visionary plan to modernize and beautify the city. I’d say that the plan worked!

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