from sunny and 20 degrees to gray and 7 degrees

Well, that was a major downer. I reluctantly left Valencia this morning and flew back to Paris. It was a beautiful flight. Thank you, Air France. Sunshine and smooth sailing all the way. (1 hour and 50 minutes.) To give us a better view, the pilot tilted the plane to the left as we flew over the Pyrenees mountains, snowcapped and sparkling in the sun. I couldn’t get to my tablet-camera in the overhead bin because the drinks trolley was blocking the aisle. Upon arrival in Paris, it became overcast and we flew through dense cloud before landing. The temperature is 7 degrees.

I HIGHLY recommend this Valencian hotel. When I return, I’ll stay there again. I like a hotel with a nice bar, a restaurant, friendly staff and super-comfy rooms with a TV screen and multi-international channels. This place didn’t disappoint. Plus, it’s perfectly located in the center of the Old Town within walking distance to everywhere. I’ll mention its name and post more pics in my next post.

The hotel bar and restaurant. Burrata pesto salad.

6 thoughts on “from sunny and 20 degrees to gray and 7 degrees

  1. Thank you for sharing your impressions of Valencia. I confess that it was (not yet) on my radar. Also, I do look forward hearing your thoughts about living in Paris versus somewhere sunny in Spain.

    Have a lovely day inspite of grey weather.

    • Thanks so much, Susa! As previously mentioned, Valencia is the 3rd largest city after Madrid and Barcelona which have become expensive now and crowded, especially with tourists during the high season. Although Valencia will become like those two cities in about 5 years, for the time being it is still relatively quiet and unspoilt.

  2. Valencia is on my list of places I’d like to visit. I’m glad you had a good experience there. Did you go to the big city-centre park that is located in a dried-up river bed? I’ve heard that’s a popular spot in the city.

    • Hello there!
      I’m almost embarrassed to say that I spent all my time (only two and a half days) in the Old Quarter. There was enough to see and do there.
      And you and your boyfriend …. did you make it to Paris in November?

      • It sounds like a place that’s worth a repeat visit 🙂 A good recommendation for a city break in that case.

        Sadly we didn’t, we found out in late September that he needed eye surgery and subsequent treatment in November and December, which was a lot to take in. The surgery was booked for the day we had planned to be in Paris and he’s been recovering since then. We’re still planning to visit, most likely early 2023 now. I imagine spring in Paris is lovely.

      • Yes, Valencia is a very good recommendation for a city break and an alternative to nearby Barcelona which is great but invaded by tourists.
        I hope your boyfriend’s eye surgery was a success and that he’s on his way to a speedy recovery.
        Take care.

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