Christmas is a coming!

Where has the year gone? It seems to have screeched by. Which is precisely why I keep a blog. So I can click on any month of the year and say to myself – that’s what I did in February (went to Amsterdam), that’s what happened in April (Notre Dame cathedral burned), that’s where I went in May (Italy), etc., etc.

In one month it’ll be nearly Christmas, my favorite holiday. Last year I spent it with my two childhood friends in London, England, and it was fantastic. Speaking of England, let me introduce you to Delia Smith, one of Britain’s best known celebrity cooks. Here she is in her cozy country house preparing Christmas dinner and giving us lots of tips. Such as storing the Christmas pudding under the bed!

So make yourself a nice cuppa, sit down and relax, and watch the no-nonsense, reassuring Delia.