Etienne Daho

Probably one of the only male French singers that I really like, Daho is admired for his creative ingenuity, his dance moves and his velvet voice. In one word: suave. Born on January 14, 1956 in Oran, French Algeria, the French pop prince is also a songwriter and record producer. He lives in London.

“You have to mix things together, like in a cocktail shaker – not just music but films, books, paintings, pictures,” he says. “That’s how you build your world, you see something and you know that if you delve into it you’re going to learn something about yourself.”

Let’s go back to 1991. Here, we see Daho in New York City. Checker cabs. Times Square and the underground club scene. His big-shouldered jacket.

(262) Etienne Daho – Des attractions désastre (Clip officiel) – YouTube

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