Christmas is a coming!

Where has the year gone? It seems to have screeched by. Which is precisely why I keep a blog. So I can click on any month of the year and say to myself – that’s what I did in February (went to Amsterdam), that’s what happened in April (Notre Dame cathedral burned), that’s where I went in May (Italy), etc., etc.

In one month it’ll be nearly Christmas, my favorite holiday. Last year I spent it with my two childhood friends in London, England, and it was fantastic. Speaking of England, let me introduce you to Delia Smith, one of Britain’s best known celebrity cooks. Here she is in her cozy country house preparing Christmas dinner and giving us lots of tips. Such as storing the Christmas pudding under the bed!

So make yourself a nice cuppa, sit down and relax, and watch the no-nonsense, reassuring Delia.


3 thoughts on “Christmas is a coming!

    • I wasn’t sure how many people knew about Delia. There’s something calm and reassuring about her. It’s Sunday morning here in Paris. While drinking coffee, I have just read your personal essay entitled ‘Reflections on Global Hate and Love’. It’s profoundly excellent (and very well written.)

      Thanks so much for your Christmas greetings. I wish the same to you, your husband and your family. I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a good year, globally. Things are slowly slowly moving in the right direction, the stars are aligning and evil forces are being swept away (not enough, but it’s a beginning.) Of course, I’m an optimist but we can only hope!

      • Firstly, thanks ALOT for reading that rather depressing essay and sharing your thoughts on it, I think some time last year I was truly feeling politically depressed, but I feel so deeply humbled by your appreciation. Secondly, I am so inspired by your optimism, I also want to believe in the possibility of change, and pray that you are right, the past few years only an aberration. Also Delia is an institution, a global name surely… and I agree that there’s something calm and comforting about her…
        Finally, thanks SO MUCH for your greetings, I hope you will be cozy in Paris/ the city of your choice, and spending a gorgeous and relaxing holiday with family and loved ones. I always look forward to December as some kind of ‘time out’ for reflection, gathering the energy for yet another twelve months…. Huge hugs from all of us here!!

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