adiós, Valencia. I’ll be back!

Another beautiful flight back to Paris on an early Saturday evening. Thank you again, Air France, for transporting me safely back to my home destination. The crowds arrived (in Valencia) on the Saturday morning. For that reason alone, I was glad to be leaving. As mentioned previously, the day before (Good Friday) was very quiet and I practically had the streets and squares of that beautiful city to myself. Many shops and sites were closed. So when I went to the famous covered market, re-opened on the Saturday morning, there was an explosion of people, both locals and tourists.

Easter buns for the kids.

6 thoughts on “adiós, Valencia. I’ll be back!

  1. I’m glad to see that a couple of people in the market were wearing face masks. I rarely wear mine any more, but always have one handy and put it on in crowd situations.

    • No-one talks about Covid 19 anymore, it seems like a distant memory. Like you, I always have a mask in my pocket or purse and put it on when I see fit. I think we’ve learned that facemasks are good for shielding us from germs in general: e.g. viruses/bacteria floating in the air.
      By the end of 2000, after a year of wearing facemasks, very few cases of influenza were reported.

  2. Thanks so much for this. Hubby and I have visited Barcelona, Madrid and Seville but not Valencia. Thanks to your wonderful travelogue, we will do so. And we’ll stay at the Helen Berger hotel!

    • Hi Lori – Yes, and guess what? There, it’s pronounced “Valen-thia”.
      “Gracias” is “Gra-thias”. Spanish is spoken with a lisp. Is it regional? Who the heck knows.

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