a delicious dinner

I’ve just returned to my rental apartment (it’s 9:45 pm) after eating a delicious dinner at a nearby brasserie. Simple food, but darn good. As I walked home in the dark (two short blocks), I was grateful to be in a country with a low crime rate. One feels relaxed in Spain. As I type this, I can hear shouts and yells from the street. There’s a soccer match on, not sure who is playing. (Barcelona and Real Madrid, I think.)

I ordered this delicious bottle of Rioja because I knew I was going to eat two nights in a row in the same brasserie. Truly excellent. Followed by a simple steak and roasted vegetables.

When I had finished, I asked if they had any cheese (and bread) with which to finish off the wine. This is what we do in France. The smiling waitress brought me this cheesecake. Did I say “cheese with bread” wrong?? Queso con pan? Lost in translation, I guess. Anyway, it was delicious.

4 thoughts on “a delicious dinner

  1. That looks delicious , what is the name of the restaurant ? The tarta de queso does look good ! If you are out and about for breakfast maybe try a tostada con tomate and drizzle some olive oil on the top , so simple but delicious . If I remember correctly you found the covered market on your last visit ? Have a great day !

    • Oh, is that what it’s called? Tarta de queso? It was very good. Yes, I will definitely return to that amazing covered market as well as some marvellous small museums such as the València Silk Museum and the Ceramics Museum. I will try the tostada. Que tengas un buen dia.

      • That’s funny that you should mention the silk museum as a friend was talking about it yesterday , I think that there’s a nice cafe / restaurant in a courtyard there ?

      • That sounds nice. I’ll look for it. The weather is perfect here. Sunny and warm with a light cool breeze. A perfect long Easter weekend coming up.
        Feliz Pascua !

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