Vanessa Paradis

This was the song at the top of the charts when I arrived in France. Vanessa was 14 here. She became an overnight sensation and France’s darling. Eleven years later she’d meet Johnny Depp and have a relationship (and two children) with him. She’s had a super-interesting life.


7 thoughts on “Vanessa Paradis

  1. Ahh that takes me back to my Baghdad days , I’d just met the man who would become my husband and he shared a house with two other guys , they had some seriously good parties there . One of the them soon gained the nickname “ Joe le taxi “ as he often ended up driving people home , it wasn’t safe to be out on the street looking for a taxi in the early hours etc !

      • Oh, yes, I remember now. You had mentioned this earlier. I can imagine that it was quite an experience. So so sad what has become of Iraq today. One wonders what on earth the Iraqi people did to deserve all the destruction that befell them. Nothing, is the answer. The multiple American invasions followed by cruel sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of children followed by everything else is nothing more than a criminal offense and crimes against humanity. Don’t get me started on Iraq.

    • Don’t know why they broke up. That’s not our business. I think they’re still friends. And Vanessa has two lovely children. Her daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is quite beautiful.

  2. Yes it’s very sad about Iraq and god only knows what the place is like now , there’s so much there but it’s been destroyed !

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