My London – Borough Market

LONDON.  An undeniably world-class city of 7 million inhabitants.  Pulsating with energy. Dynamic and thrillingly diverse.  Inclusive of all cultures and nationalities. Constantly redefining itself while holding firm to its history and heritage.  In comparison, Paris seems so….small.

Where to begin? I took over 300 photographs and walked 8 hours a day. So much to see, so much to do! I’ll start with one of my favorite places: Borough Market located under the London Bridge. As I strode across the bridge in the brisk morning air, sunshine and wind in my face and the river traffic coursing by, I felt utterly exhilarated. London does that to you. Take the District & Circle tube line to Monument.  Stride across bridge.  The market is beside Southwark Cathedral.

LONDON August 2014 256LONDON August 2014 251LONDON August 2014 255

Old. Atmospheric. A setting and cast of characters straight out of a Dickens’ novel. Borough Market is one of London’s oldest food markets and sprawls under the brick railway viaducts. It’s a fabulous place.

LONDON August 2014 261LONDON August 2014 263LONDON August 2014 280LONDON August 2014 260LONDON August 2014 272

Here’s a famous cheese shop (Neal’s Yard Dairy) that sells a stunning array of British and Irish cheeses. And guess what? The vendor was a Frenchman!  I said to him in French – How is it that a Frenchman is selling English cheeses in London?  “J’ai épousé une anglaise !” he replied. (I married an Englishwoman).

LONDON August 2014 297LONDON August 2014 299LONDON August 2014 302LONDON August 2014 300

MONMOUTH COFFEE SHOP. I have only one word to describe this place and its coffee and cakes: bliss.  Look how polite the English are as they queue up.  In France you’d be elbowed and stepped on in a scrum.

LONDON August 2014 288LONDON August 2014 292LONDON August 2014 282LONDON August 2014 287LONDON August 2014 303LONDON August 2014 265LONDON August 2014 296

Borough Market consists of up to 70 stalls and stands. Producers from all over the country bring a range of fresh produce to the market, including fish, meats, vegetables, ciders, cheeses, breads, coffees, cakes and patisseries. Other stalls specialize in produce imported from abroad. Open Wednesday to Saturday.  Pubs and restaurants too.