Covid cocktail

I craved a cocktail, a real one, made with rum and citrus fruits and I don’t know what else. Of course, I’d prefer that a friendly bartender make me one, but these days, what with social distancing, lockdowns and such, this year and last year is all about DIY (Do It Yourself).

So I went to my local grocery store and randomly selected pretty-colored bottles off the shelves: dark rum infused with ginger root from Martinique, a bottle of sugar cane water, lychees and citrus fruits: limes, oranges and lemons.

Squeeze the fruits in a juicer then pour into a glass with the other ingredients and throw in one or two lychees. Tart and tropical. And loaded with Vitamin C!! Perfect for this gray, cold winter weather.

While sipping my cocktail and relaxing during this vacation time off work, I watched a new, satirical video on YouTube called The Room Next Door. Very funny. In the three videos below, Michael Spicer lampoons Bojo, clearly drunk, at last month’s CBI (Confederation of British Industry) conference; Prince Andrew while the interviewer grills him about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein; and Donald Trump during a Covid press conference.