a few final photos. adiós Valencia!

view from my hotel room

a spinach and goat cheese empanada bought at the Central Market. 1 euro 50

The Mercado Central (Central food market)

those cured hams are everywhere; jamón ibérico is a national cult.

Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts

Orange trees are all over the city

my new Pepe Moll handbag. I found Valencian women to be as fashionably dressed as Parisian women.

I stayed at the Helen Berger Boutique Hotel.

7 thoughts on “a few final photos. adiós Valencia!

  1. As I remember from a past visit or two, larger cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, etc each have a Museo de Jamon….and even smaller shops will give themselves that designation

  2. Thanks for the extra photos! Subject and composition is great as usual. Would have loved to listen to the cello – a two sided wall probably created interesting acoustics.

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