a brilliant new cookbook

Wow. I flipped through this cookbook yesterday at my Swedish friend’s apartment and thought the concept was quite brilliant: 5 ingredients with which to throw together a great meal.

Sometimes, the best thing in the world is simplicity. It’s true this book came out a few years ago, but I’ve just discovered it and I’m going to buy it. I’ve been following Jamie Oliver since his Naked Chef cooking shows back in 1999. He’s the best!

2 thoughts on “a brilliant new cookbook

  1. Thanks for the tip! In these challenging times, keeping things simple seems to be the best line.

    Here’s my tip:

    Noted this book while dropping off groceries on my neighbor’s kitchen table: “A Bite Sized History of France: Gastronomic Tales of Revolution, War and Enlightenment.” Stephane Henaut & Jeni Mitchell (2019)

    • Well, we ate at FIVE GUYS last night, the most popular fast-food restaurant on the Champs-Elysées (after McDonald’s.) Tonight we’ll go out for pizza and drink Coca-Cola then probably head to Häagen-Dazs (an American ice cream brand, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in Brooklyn Heights, NY.)

      Gastronomic tales of historic France? Not interested. But thanks anyway for the tip!

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