on wearing a face mask

What part of “wear a protective face mask” don’t people understand? The President of France wears one, we all do.

Clusters of COVID-19 in France are resurfacing as they are in Spain and elsewhere. A few days ago, our new prime minister, Jean Castex, announced that the wearing of face coverings will be obligatory in all closed public spaces as of August 1st. There was an outcry amongst the French population: why wait until August 1st? If wearing a mask slows down the propogation of COVID, then do it now!! So today we learned that the new rule will be imposed next week.

Closed public spaces are places of worship, hotels, museums, cinemas, sports clubs, shopping malls, shops and stores, libraries, clinics, etc.


5 thoughts on “on wearing a face mask

    • It’s because they’re stupid. If they’re stupid enough to admire Donald Trump, then they’re stupid enough to not understand the importance of wearing a face mask, it’s as simple as that.

      • Unfortunately, those refusing to wear the mask and ultimately get sick are the ones that demand to be first in line for treatment. Stupid is a kind description.

      • When I was a young idealistic girl, I thought that humans were all the same: same values, same goals, same priorities, etc. I guess I was wrong.

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