Gudrun Sjödén

Cult Swedish designer, Gudrun Sjödén, opened her first store in Stockholm in 1976. Her eco-conscious, fanciful designs have been called Pippi Longstocking: comfortable, colorful clothes crafted from natural fabrics and with a Nordic design. Tunics, loose-fitting trousers, generous-sized tops with scarves, leggings and the layered look. When I popped over to London on the Eurostar, I’d make sure to visit her boutique near Covent Garden and buy an outfit or two. Gosh, I miss London. I haven’t been since August 2019 (mainly because of COVID.)

There’s also a Gudrun Sjödén boutique in Soho, NYC at 50 Greene Street. But not in Paris. Years ago, I bought a tunic top that I’ve worn and washed so often it now has a hole in it. Which is why I’m looking to order another one from their website. You can too!

4 thoughts on “Gudrun Sjödén

  1. Ah, Gudrun. I’ve saved all the paper copies of her catalogues which are still luscious to page through years later. It’s timeless design, isn’t it? Good luck with finding a replacement tunic, though I hope you’re keeping the original and finding a colourful way to patch or mend it. Gudrun would approve, I’m sure.

    • Yes, I will patch it up and wear it for another decade, I hope. I really enjoy the feel of her fabrics. Not made in China!

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