Don’t Let Me Down

God, I miss these guys. I miss that era. I miss the idealism; no one’s idealistic these days. I miss the fashion and the fun and the carefreeness. Where’s the fun today? Yesterday I sat in a nurse’s office with a plastic swap stuck up my nose.

I miss John. I miss George. I miss yesteryear. (Social media didn’t exist and we had more fun than any teenager today.) 

Wanna see four beautiful men? I mean truly soul-deep beautiful? I loved all of them. They were my heros, my heart-throbs, the leading men in my young rock ‘n roll life.

Click on this link –

The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down – Bing video

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me Down

  1. Oh, that’s beautiful, Juliet. And as the other commenter said – we need this during these bleak Covid times and everything else that’s going on in the world.

    • I feel so uplifted and happy inside when I hear their voices. I miss them terribly. I miss a lot of things, as I’m sure you do too. Take care, D&D.

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