Hermès vintage sale next week at Drouot auction house


Hermès: the nec plus ultra of elegance. Because this sale is vintage, I’m going to go. It takes place at Drouot auction house on Monday December 16th.

DROUOT auction house is located in the center of Paris in the 9th arrondissement; it’s a great place for people-watching (and for looking at the sale items, of course.) There’s a permanent buzz at Drouot – all the sale rooms are open to the public.

Here’s the Hermès Kelly bag, named after Grace Kelly, of course. There are quite a few in this sale.

Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco

And here’s the iconic Birkin bag, smaller and with two handles instead of one, named after English actress-singer Jane Birkin, best known for her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg in the 1970s. Years later, though, Jane asked the Hermès fashion house to rename the bag due to the cruel practice of killing crocodiles for the production of the handbags.

There’ll be lots of Hermès scarves at this sale, the famous silk ‘carré‘ (square): all in vibrant colors and patterns. These are estimated at 100 to 120 euros which is a bargain considering brand new squares start at 300 euros and go up to 900 euros. People will go to this sale for the scarves alone. And I’m thinking that what with Christmas and my birthday coming up, one of these would make a nice gift to myself.

The shoes below are estimated at 100 to 120 euros. Unheard of for Hermès footwear.

A collection of silver bracelets in the signature anchor chain (chaine d’ancre) –

Look for yourself at all the items in Monday’s sale. You can bid by telephone.



4 thoughts on “Hermès vintage sale next week at Drouot auction house

  1. Want to live in Paris for this alone… have been staring at the Kelly for years but will never afford… spoil yourself w the scarves indeed!!

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