revisiting Holland, and my blog is a chronicle of my life

I admit that I get immense satisfaction from my blog. Why? Because it allows me to look back at where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and with whom. Initially, I just wanted a place to post my photos. ‘Why not open an Instagram account?’, someone said. Because I realized that I also wanted to write. So to sum up, my blog is a combination of my three passions: travel, photography and writing. I also derive immense satisfaction from having YOU as my blog readers.

Two summers ago I went to Holland and had a really good time. I went by myself. Yes, it is possible to travel solo and have a good time! Today I revisited the place via my blog posts and photos. If I could, I’d go back again this August, but I’m already booked for London.


In The Hague (a lovely small city), I viewed the Dutch masters at a small bijou museum, purchased some marijuana (no, not in the museum, in a Dutch ‘coffee shop’), discovered a beautiful bookshop, stayed in a nice hotel, and more. Take a look!

3 thoughts on “revisiting Holland, and my blog is a chronicle of my life

  1. It was lovely to drop by your dutch post and I agree how this blog is such a creative and satisfying way of recording your life experiences. Love your political musings and love for beautiful things!

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