off to the Netherlands, plus a few night photos

So I’m off to Holland and Belgium early tomorrow morning; well, Holland first and then stopping off in Brussels for a few days on my way back to Paris. I booked my train ticket months ago, a First Class seat on the Thalys fast-speed train. I love train travel, I find it very relaxing. I’ve got my brand new JBL wireless, noise-cancelling headphones for the train trip allowing me to read my book undisturbed. Haven’t finished that great book I picked up in London in June: East West Street by Philippe Sands. It’s funny, but I don’t read when I’m at home (too many other things to do), only when I travel. I’ve also got my ticket, pre-purchased online, to the Mauritshuis in The Hague, an art museum which houses mostly Dutch Golden Age paintings.

The other night I took some photos while walking up the rue de Rivoli at 10:30 pm. Here they are below. Stay tuned for my blog posts after my return from The Netherlands. Bye for now.







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