the King’s Road, shopping and strolling – London, June 2017

For one year I lived at the foot of the King’s Road, called the New King’s Road, in the district of Fulham. The best bit for shopping along the King’s Road, however, runs through the posh district of Chelsea. It’s one of London’s best shopping streets.


If you go, I suggest that you start at Sloane Square. Pop into the department store, Peter Jones, located right on the square. There’s nothing fancy or trendy about Peter Jones, but it’s well-loved by Londoners. There’s something comforting about this store, like a nice cup of tea. There’s a restaurant on the top floor. I always head to their kitchenware department (in the basement) and glassware department (main floor). Each time I visit, I bring something back with me to Paris. This year it was Royal Doulton mugs and matching cereal bowls.


this collection is called Pacific Splash

Located across the road from Peter Jones is COS, part of the Swedish H&M Group. I love COS clothes; great for the office and otherwise. Clean lines, modern and functional. And here’s a tip: if you walk out the back door of COS, you’ll find yourself in a pedestrian-only area called the Duke of York Square. It’s filled with eating places, more shops, and the Saatchi Gallery of Contemporary Art.


And here’s Reebok, located at number 37 King’s Road, where I purchased my extraordinary walking shoes last year. Thank you, thank you, Reebok! Thanks to your fabulous CLOUDRIDE DMX shoes, for which I paid only £59, I am able to walk eight hours a day in total comfort. (no, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Reebok, just sharing my positive experiences with you.)


the best!! you can purchase them via the internet

Conveniently located right beside this Reebok store is PRET A MANGER, an amazing fast food place. Years ago, PRET was just your average, run of the mill sandwich shop chain. And then a new CEO took over and revolutionized the brand. Today, PRET shops are scattered all over. At very reasonable prices, they serve up delicious natural food, beverages and organic coffee.

As I moved around the city, I found myself popping into the nearest PRET at different times of the day, picking up a yogurt-berry-granola bowl, a juice or coffee and a sarny (sandwich).


This vegetarian cheese sandwich and the berry-yogurt cost me less than a fiver (five pounds). The King’s Road store has a pleasant, air-conditioned seating area downstairs where you can sit and refuel in comfort. They also do wraps, salads, and lots of other things.

Located much further down King’s Road, well, a lot further down, is Chelsea Quarter, another favorite fuel stop of mine. If you don’t want to walk, then simply jump onto the number 22 bus and get off at number 219 King’s Road. Then take the number 22 back in the other direction.

I like to sit at Chelsea Quarter’s large communal table strewn with a selection of the daily newspapers. I invariably end up talking with someone sharing the table. There are also smaller, individual tables. (Update: sadly, this place is no longer.)


There’s a reason why I come this far down along the King’s Road. Here it is –


I’ve only just recently discovered this shop (a smaller one is on the Marylebone High Street). What can I say, other than it’s fabulous. Design ideas galore. A home and lifestyle company, Designers Guild designs and sells fabrics, bedlinen, wall coverings, furniture, upholstery, bed and bath collections, etc. A huge selection of gorgeous sheets …


8 thoughts on “the King’s Road, shopping and strolling – London, June 2017

  1. As you point out Kings Road, Sloan Square and Chelsea are very fashionable and pleasant strolls. Did you visit the Saatchi Gallery? My wife is much more interested in post modern deconstructive art than am I, the more traditionalist (:-)). Nevertheless, it is worth a visit, if for no other reason than as exposure to some curiosities and statements about what may or may not be Art


    • I did not go inside the Saatchi Gallery for one specific reason: the weather was so beautiful (cool and sunny), that I wanted to stay outdoors! But it’s true, the wealth of galleries and art museums in London is staggering. I did visit briefly my favorite museum, the Victoria & Albert. And the British Museum.

  2. We so enjoy travelling with you, Juliet in Paris. Your photos are superb and your joie de vivre a delight. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Love all of your recommendations! I went to Designer’s Guild a few years ago and bought two gorgeous striped fabric bags — I use them inside my suitcase for lingerie and socks/stockings. London has such great style.

    • Oh, I know. It’s a truly world-class international city, and I hope to god Brexit won’t destroy that spirit. Not only does it have great style, the historical and literary aspect is immense. Great restaurants too. I eat better in London than I do in Paris, and that’s a fact. The downside is that it’s a very expensive city. I could never afford to live there.

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