The Lemon Tree House



I’ve been accepted!  I’ve never been accepted for anything like this before….it’s a new experience and I’m all excited!

I’m a writer now…or an artist, don’t know which…and I feel like laughing out loud.

It should be known that writing is a very solitary occupation.  I’ve spent years on my book project (writing only on weekends because I have a full-time job) and it can get lonely.  This is why it’s important to take part in a residency or a writing class or group of some kind.  So you can crawl out of your lair, blink in the sunlight, meet like-minded people, get feedback from your work, and swap stories and stuff.

This writing retreat, deep in the countryside on the border of southern Tuscany and Umbria, includes all meals, wine and cocktail hours, yoga, beautiful-looking private rooms, and day trips to Florence and Siena.  In total there will be fifteen writers, all of us working on our own projects.

So that’s what I’m going to do!  In October.  In Italy (my favourite country.)

Here’s the link…jeepers, the place looks gorgeous –


18 thoughts on “The Lemon Tree House

    • And y’know it’s funny….my horoscope said that from this week onwards a plan that I’ve been working on for a long time will now start to solidify and a forward-motion energy will take place.

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