Damian Lewis performs Shakespeare

Remember when he played Nicholas Brody in Homeland?   I admit that I had a little crush on him.  Still do.  I wouldn’t mind being Mrs. Damian Lewis.  One of the things I admired about Lewis throughout that entire, excellent Homeland series was how perfectly he nailed an American accent.

Well, here he is today speaking in his own English accent, or rather, speaking Shakespearean which is also called Elizabethan English.  He is a fine actor.

I’ve just discovered that Lewis is starring in a new American TV series called Billions. Don’t know what it’s about.  Something about hedge funds.


One thought on “Damian Lewis performs Shakespeare

  1. He was also in HBO’s Band of Brothers. He nailed the American accent in that one, too. Excellent series -well worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet.:)

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