Tuileries gardens, quick video

I’m working on my video recording skills.  Here’s a slice of life.  Today.  5:40 pm.  The rue de Rivoli and the Tuileries Gardens (Louvre museum in the background.)  Hordes of people because of the unseasonably warm weather. You can spot the Parisians in the crowd:  they’re the well-dressed ones.  (What must they think of us?)  Personally, when I go out for long walks, I choose comfort over style.  Surely, though, we can blend comfort with style??

3 thoughts on “Tuileries gardens, quick video

      • Hi Juliet…today we have a break from the frozen tundra….39F….tomorrow 56F…then, back into the upper twenties, low 30s for the rest of the week. No one has ever moved to Chicago for the weather….:-)

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