Sunday walk, 8th arrondissement

Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 082So I left the Parc Monceau and strode down the boulevard Malesherbes with its wide sidewalks to the Place Saint-Augustin.  I then continued down the lower half of the boulevard Malesherbes and ended up in my old stomping ground, the rue Boissy d’Anglas. I used to work on this street. There’s this old shopping arcade that my colleagues and I used to slip into on our lunch hour. Ten years ago it was kind of shabby and run-down and contained some interesting boutiques and inexpensive snack bars. Today it’s all polished and gentrified.  (I preferred it when it was shabby.)Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 061Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 041Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 059I snapped a few shots.Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 046Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 054Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 055And then a funny thing happened.  I was standing in front of the window of the Christofle boutique on the rue Royale (closed on Sunday) admiring the sterling silver rings, when all of a sudden a (disembodied) human hand appeared and started straightening the boxes. What a hoot! And such beautifully lacquered nails.Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 065Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 070This ring was designed by Andrée Putman, famous French interior and product designer, who unfortunately died last year. Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 069From there I ended up on the Place de la Concorde.  Such a beautiful day.  All of Paris was outdoors.Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 073Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 078I wanted to cross the road and view the Robert Adams photography exhibition, currently showing in the Jeu de Paume gallery, but the crowds dissuaded me.  I’ll go another time.Paris, Sunday March 9, 2014 079

2 thoughts on “Sunday walk, 8th arrondissement

  1. These pictures are just stunning. Thank you so much for showing me your beautiful city and your favorite, off-the-beaten-track places. Can’t wait to visit!

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