a few photos of the train ride south

Well, I made it with no delays or problems whatsoever. It was a very comfortable and relaxing trip from Paris to Barcelona. The weather in Paris was pissy (cold, windy, drizzle). I was happy to leave.

Here’s what it was like in the south, near Perpignan not far from the Spanish border. Those are the Pyrenees mountains in the background.

I recommend that you book yourself a First Class seat: roomier, more leg space and plush seats. If you book your tickets in advance, you’ll pay less.

If I do this trip again, I’ll break it up and spend the night and half a day (or a full day or two) in Barcelona. It was too long to do the first leg and then the second leg (Barcelona to Valencia) on the same day. All in all, it was 10 and a half hours of train travel. Pulled into Valencia train station at 11 pm and I crossed the road to a nice hotel called the Zenit Valencia. Normally, I’d stay at the fab hotel I stayed in last November: the Helen Berger Hotel in the Old City. But this one was more convenient, location-wise, for just one night.

Photos taken with my Redmi phone.

2 thoughts on “a few photos of the train ride south

  1. I love these long train trips, but I also tend to break the journey after 6 or 8 hours, e.g. Frankfurt-Marseilles 8 hours, and there are a couple of convenient hotels at the station Marseilles-St-Charles.

    • Yup, 6 or 8 hours is the maximum. I haven’t been to Marseilles in ages. Have you visited the new museum there, the MuCEM?

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