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The reason I started this blog was to showcase my three passions of writing, photography and travel takeaways. Yesterday, I spent a few hours going through my collection of photos, old and new. It’s a shame that they sit languishing in their digital file folders. I decided to bring some of them out into the light. Here are a few of my favorites, completely random, but each with their own personal meaning.

Kaïss on the beach at Dunkirk, France. The beaches of Dunkirk, as you know, are historic. So is Kaïss. LOL !

My favorite movie. GILDA, starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford.

“My coffee machine is the most beautiful person in the world to me.” Good coffee? Je t’aime. (Monmouth Coffee Company, London.)

My mother commentating at a fashion show. Toronto, the 1950s. Look at that swank feathered hat!

Tilton House, East Sussex, England. Formerly the house of John Maynard Keynes turned into a writing-yoga retreat that I went to 7 years ago.

Another favorite movie of mine starring Joanne Woodward and (sigh) Paul Newman.

Leonard Cohen, RIP. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

Christmas market. Verona, Italy.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “some random photos …

  1. Good pix, good memories…I remember sitting at a cafe in the 5th on a very rainy day waiting for the deluge to ease up. A cinema was across the street showing a revival of Gilda. The line to get in stretched around the corner and half way farther up the block. Clearly the French love more than Jerry Lewis movies..😅😵‍💫

    • The French also love Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin movies, more than Americans!
      For those who have never seen Gilda, I urge them to do so. I have the DVD, but I think you can find it on YouTube. The dialogue is superb, as is Rita Hayworth. All the actors are great. It’s surprisingly modern. And the sexual tension between Rita and Glenn Ford is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
      They were lovers in real life, so it was real.

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