Cointreau orange syrup cake

polenta cake

I have a bottle of Cointreau sitting on my kitchen table, so I’m going to make this cake tomorrow. It’s non gluten.

Here’s the recipe below, I have made this cake before. If you don’t have blood oranges, regular oranges will do. The candied zest is beautiful, but I skipped that part. Cointreau is not mentioned in the recipe, but I felt that the cake needed it. (The Cointreau goes in the syrup.) Don’t over-cook the cake otherwise it will be dry.

bon appétit !


5 thoughts on “Cointreau orange syrup cake

  1. Looks scrumptious, Jules. I look forward to meeting up in January. In the meantime, have fun tonight. Sending love and best wishes.

    • Thanks for your good wishes, Cordy. I suggest that we meet up at Café Flore for a hot chocolate, like the last time. You too have fun tonight!
      Byeeee et à bientôt.

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