8 thoughts on “interview with Profile

  1. I bought your book, loved it, and passed it on to several friends who also loved it. Your parents sounded like lovely people who despite their best efforts couldn’t protect you from your rapacious sister. The ending was a shocker. I have an older sister too and couldn’t imagine her behaving in such an appaling way.
    I hope you have found peace.

    • Hi PC, and thanks for your kind words. Have I found peace? The writing of the book stirred up old memories. People say to me that the writing of the book must have been cathartic. Actually, it wasn’t. That terrible episode of my life – the years following my mother’s death and what my sister and her husband did to me – all came back and I got angry all over again.

      You used a word which is key: protection. I’d like to write an essay on that all-important word. We all need protecting in some way or another whether it’s familial, parental or societal. When my parents died, I lost my protection and found myself face to face with two people who were on a mission.

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