bye-bye, Liz Truss! And the perfect candidate to succeed her.

SO SO GLAD to see the back of that dreadful woman whose bright idea was to cut taxes for the super-rich and slash government aid for the poor.

More than one in five of the UK population (22%) live in poverty. Of these, 8.1 million are working-age adults, 4.3 million are children and 2.1 million are pensioners. Child poverty continues to rise. Almost one in three children in the UK are living in poverty (31%). Nearly half of children in lone parent families live in poverty, compared with one in four of those in couple families.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation


The result of her disastrous fiscal plan, hatched in secret with her finance minister, now fired, was the intervention of the BANK OF ENGLAND to calm the markets, the delivery of a stern message from the IMF (Int’l Monetary Fund in Washington), the pound plummeting to its lowest level ever against the dollar, and near mass hysteria of the British people who saw their monthly mortgage rates nearly double and feared the loss of their pensions. It was a trainwreck. After promising “growth, growth, growth”, the outcome of Truss’s failed experiment was good riddance, goodbye, and don’t slam the door on your way out.

As for me, I’m doubly happy because I await my box of Ladurée macarons tomorrow at the office. Monday, over lunch in the staff cafeteria with my colleagues, my boss and I were arguing about the current British government and the ineptitude of Liz Truss.

“She’ll be gone by the end of the week,” I said.

“No she won’t,” said my boss.

“Yes, she will.”

“No she won’t.”

We made a bet. If she’s gone by Friday end of day, I get a box of macarons. If not, he gets a box.

Today, Thursday at 2:30 pm, the news came in: Liz Truss had resigned. I clapped my hands in joy.

Here’s the purr-fect candidate for the new leader of the British Conservative Party and PM of the U.K. His name is Larry. Larry is the resident cat at number 10 Downing Street. See link below.

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