gratin dauphinois, a perfect fall and winter dish

I’ve been making gratin dauphinois for decades, it’s one of my specialties. Rich and substantial, this is your true comfort food. The word “dauphinois” comes from a region in south-east France called Le Dauphiné. I wouldn’t make gratin dauphinois in the summer. For me, the first signs of autumn is when my mind begins to wander to the making of this dish.

For purists, no cheese is added. But most people like a sprinkling of grated gruyère or emmenthal, so we will add it. The big question is always: what to eat with it? Grilled sausage, pork roast, beef or any kind of meat. Or just on its own with a green salad or green beans on the side and a glass of wine.

So here you go, from me to you, a fab recipe for this fab dish.

A few notes: I replace the cream with natural yogurt (less calories.) Slice the potatoes thin. The first step is to parboil the potatoes, not cook them thoroughly, that happens in the oven at a fairly low heat. Go easy on the nutmeg, you want to taste no more than a faint soupçon (a hint). Don’t use any old potato. Depending on where you live, they have to be the right kind for this dish. If you wish, you can grease the baking dish with butter and a cut garlic clove before pouring in the potato mixture, but that’s optional. And lastly, if the top of the gratin seems to be cooking faster in the oven, cover the whole dish with foil then take it off later.


4 thoughts on “gratin dauphinois, a perfect fall and winter dish

  1. I love this dish, have never made it, because, honestly, it is way too rich…but, when we are out at a good French restaurant and it is on the menu…I’m on it…


    • Hi Sherman, You could make a light version: skim milk, replace cream with yogurt, and don’t add cheese. It wouldn’t be as good though.
      A beautiful autumnal Friday here in Paris and guess where I’m going? The Luxembourg Gardens and afterwards Le Bon Marché department store! I’ll think of you and Eileen. In fact, I’m planning to go to your street to that coffee roasting shop I spotted. I’ve taken the day off work.

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