New York – Paris Air France flight avoids crash

Two days ago, a Boeing 777 was preparing to land at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport after a night flight from New York. It was a beautiful clear morning and all was normal. Suddenly, it appears that the aircraft took on a life of its own and veered off the programmed flight trajectory. You can actually hear the pilot struggling with the controls (manually) as he attempts to get the plane back on course. It sounds like he’s fighting with a bear. Alarm bells go off inside the plane.

The landing is aborted, the plane goes up again and circles, then successfully lands.

Thank the lord for the professionalism and sang-froid of experienced airline pilots AND flight traffic controllers. An official investigation has been opened.

2 thoughts on “New York – Paris Air France flight avoids crash

  1. Dang. Booked my ticket on Air France this week. Hopefully, this incident will cause them to be more careful than ever.

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