Parcelles bistro in the Marais district

Above is the rue Chapon at 7 pm on a Saturday evening, a 15-minute walk along the rue du Temple from the Hotel de Ville metro station. Below is the warm and welcoming interior of Parcelles bistro at number 13 rue Chapon in the 3rd arrondissement.

We started with a terrine slice (pork and foie gras) studded with pistachios. It was good.

Then my friend had a dish of gnocchi (26 euros) and I had roast pintade (33 euros). Pintade is guinea fowl. Honestly? The portion was small and the meat was not tender. It was served on a bed of wheat berries with tapenade on the side. I think wheat berries are boring and would’ve preferred a really good vegetable purée and/or some inventive roast vegetables. I also thought my friend’s portion of gnocchi was way too small.

The wine was disappointing. That was probably my fault because my friend chose a wine from the Languedoc region, the waiter suggested a wine from the Cahors region, and I said that I preferred the Loire region. So the Loire region it was, the waiter uncorked a bottle and I found it “flabby.” What does that mean? A flabby wine lacks structure and complexity. Halfway through the meal, I asked the waiter for a single glass of wine because I wasn’t enjoying the other stuff. He sort of huffed and puffed, which I didn’t find very professional.

On second thought, why would it be my fault because I said I preferred the Loire region? The above sentence I wrote doesn’t make sense. I retract that silly comment.

This wouldn’t happen at Paul Bert bistro. Paul Bert bistro serves wine that sing and you can always count on the advice from their knowledgeable waitstaff (and superb wine cellar.) The waiter returned and poured me a glass of Beaujolais Villages which was quaffable. For dessert I had a slice of tasteless Saint-Nectaire cheese (13 euros), and my friend had a clafoutis for 11 euros. He didn’t grumble once, I’m the complainer.

And that was it, basically. Overpriced and mediocre food. People have been raving about this place, I don’t know why. I’ll be returning to my favorite Parisian bistro: Paul Bert. For those new to this blog, just type that name into the Search box above to see multiple reviews on that great restaurant.

6 thoughts on “Parcelles bistro in the Marais district

  1. Hello Juliet,

    you are so right! Who needs waiters that have a snooty attitude towards us paying customers. To hell with them and places like the restaurant you’ve described.

    I love that you remain loyal to where you are always treated right, the standard is repeatedly high and you the customer are truly valued.

    With friendly greetings from Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

    • Hi SuSa – Thanks for your comment!

      It’s true. I’m just not willing to spend my hard-earned money in an over-priced, “trendy” restaurant that serves me a mediocre meal (and that includes a less than mediocre wine.) (I must say that we’re used to snooty waitstaff here in Paris, but it is nevertheless unacceptable.) For the money I spent, I could’ve bought all the ingredients myself and made me and some friends a delicious home-cooked meal. I’ll do that next time.

  2. Hi Juliette,
    First have a great trip to Spain…as for your restaurant experience, honesty, you ate the only European I know who has ever commented on small portion size. It is a common riff of Americans who are used to food almost spilling from its platter.
    Anyway, I do understand your basic objections, especially after writing of your positive expectations.
    Oh, one more thing..
    Eileen says she likes your sandals. 😀

    (Hope to see you in May…and will contact you privately about that.)

    • Hi Sherman, I guess I’m still a North American at heart (and in the stomach): I like big portions. Or at least, you know, my money’s worth.

      Yes, absolutely – I’ll be here in May. We’ll go out for a meal. Somewhere. Do you have a list of favorite bistros/restaurants?

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