the Eiffel Tower lights up with colors of Ukraine

For 3 nights, starting tonight, and in solidarity with the Ukranian people, the Eiffel Tower lights up blue and yellow.

Here in Europe, we’re all glued to our screens watching the news, aghast. Putin sounds demented. And Macron … what was that 5-hour long-table session all about? A complete waste of everybody’s time.

I have Ukranian roots, as it turns out. While researching my family history, late in life, I learned that my maternal great-grandfather, Myer Cohen, came from the Russian town of Bielaia Tserkov, now in Ukraine. With his Belarusian wife, Annie, they settled in England towards the end of the nineteenth century. My middle name, Ann, comes from my Belarusian great-grandmother.

Just some trivia I thought I’d throw in.

Anyway, the 8 pm news is coming on and I’m going to watch it. Have a pleasant weekend.

2 thoughts on “the Eiffel Tower lights up with colors of Ukraine

  1. I’m horrified and sad and MAD! Call me naïve, but I will never understand how anyone thinks war is a good idea. F+++ing Putin, wanting all the resources that belong to the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Mostly, I’m just very, very sad…

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