Tom Walker rants

I don’t know if this video is reserved only for New York Times subscribers (I’m a subscriber. Maybe you can find it on YouTube.) If you can watch it, you’ll be rewarded with a marvellous rant from a British actor and comedian who eviscerates not only Boris Johnson but the British Conservative Party. The humorist, whose real name is Tom Walker, draws parallels between Johnson and Trump. We need more people like Walker, speaking out and raging against the social injustices that affect us in life.

6 thoughts on “Tom Walker rants

  1. I’m also an NYT subscriber, so I was able to watch. Very funny, and unfortunately so true. I like the way he sometimes remembered to include explanations for an American audience.

  2. Watched the video on youtube. A funny (and serious) distraction to what is happening here in Canada, especially in Ottawa where the barbarians have taken over!

    • Barbarians at the Gate, absolutely. Canadians can no longer look down their noses at their extreme right-wing American cousins. Not when you have the same on Canadian soil. Scary.

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