Jeanne goes to the pharmacy

Here’s Jeanne buying beauty products from her local pharmacy (video below.) Jeanne is a French designer, model and founder of French fashion label, Rouje. She has gorgeous skin, and a Bardot pout.

It’s funny how some women are interested in watching other women put on and take off their makeup. Or am I being terribly naïve? Is Jeanne in actual fact an “influencer” getting paid for promoting the products she claims to use?

In any case, there are a few things in the video that made me chuckle:

Contrary to what she says, all the products she selected are full of alcohol, chemicals and parabens. (Clarins, Nuxe, Klorane, Bioderma). This gives me the idea to do a future blog post on all the wonderful natural and organic makeup products that I use. I no longer buy those big, glam names.

Living on the 5th floor without an elevator. Great exercise! When I lived in a 4th-floor apartment a long time ago in the 9th arrondissement, I had thighs like steel.

She does her morning makeup routine in the salon (living room) beside the refrigerator. Again, small Parisian apartments that we’ve all lived in. In most old apartments, there’s usually a large old mirror in the salon positioned over a closed-up fireplace with a nice marble mantlepiece. Also, the natural light is probably better in the salon than in the (tiny) bathroom. It’s also practical because the espresso machine will be close by. There are advantages to living in small spaces.

As for the application of lipstick, may I offer a suggestion to the lovely Jeanne? That instead of applying it with her finger then swabbing it with a Q-tip, that she buy herself a quality lipstick brush. Ideal for creating precise lines with a clean, mess-free finish, I can only apply my lipstick with a brush.

One question, however, towards the end of the video: is “really curly hair” a flaw?


3 thoughts on “Jeanne goes to the pharmacy

  1. She’s lovely to look at and I admire her French beauty. However, I do have thoughts. Lol. As someone who spends a lot of time and money in Parisian pharmacies, I detest the Bioderma micellar water. It doesn’t remove my makeup (I prefer the LaRoche Posay for that). The Nuxe lip balm cracks me up because it was “tested for Canadian Winters”. It is a nice product but, as a Canadian suffering these wretched Winters, it’s not the one I reach for. The Klorane dry shampoo is a dream. I particularly like the dark hair version for when I’ve gone darker. As for curly hair being a bad thing? Please. That’s such a weird thing to say. The lipstick being blotted on is something I’ve seen on YouTube several times. Apparently it’s the new thing to look like you rubbed off half your makeup, rather than apply it like you or I would.

    I’m so sorry that we didn’t meet up while I was in Paris. Next time! And i hope that you do a post about non-toxic skincare products. I use mainly LaRoche Posay with a couple Caudalie products thrown in. I also bought a tin of Nivea in Monoprix because – if the rumours are correct, the European version is supposed to be a dupe for La Mer.

    • I agree with everything you say. She’s obviously an “influencer” who gets paid to promote these products.
      Klorane dry shampoo? Don’t know it at all, I’ll try it if you say it’s good.
      Applying lipstick with your finger raises hygienic questions for me.
      There were a few “code words” in her narrative, very subtle, that were a tad racist; the “curly hair” comment for one.
      There’s a great chain of organic beauty products around Paris called Mademoiselle Bio that you should visit. A huge selection of products from Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Check it out –

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