fabulous London, Christmas 2018

No, I’m not in London, I’m in my Parisian flat with a banging headache and an aching left arm. Yup, I got my booster shot this morning. Tonight I was supposed to meet my friend at a new bistro in town, but I cancelled. I want to be in tip-top condition when I go out. Not to worry, we’ll go in January.

Three years ago, I was about to head to London to spend Christmas with two childhood friends. Feeling nostalgic, I brought up this post from the archives. Click on December 2018 under Archives for more info on this London trip. It was great.


I stayed in a fab hotel in the Marylebone district. Here’s Ingrid who runs the place. She’s originally from Vilnius, Lithuania.


Every morning at the communal table, she’d serve me hot coffee and toasted crumpets for my breakfast.


I love old townhouses, don’t you? It gets dark at 4 pm during the winter months. Near the hotel is a fabulous Turkish restaurant called Ishtar. I highly recommend it.


I wandered over to two fab shopping streets near the hotel, Chiltern Street first and then Marylebone High Street. It’s pretty posh.


Strolling city streets on cold, clear nights has always been a great pleasure of mine. Below is the link to the hotel.

Tip: As long as you don’t take a room higher than the second floor, I recommend this hotel (as in most old houses, there’s no lift (elevator.)) The second floor is actually the third floor. 


2 thoughts on “fabulous London, Christmas 2018

  1. Oh, Daunt Books! I love that bookshop — there are a few scattered around London. The last time I was in, I bought a copy of David Sedaris essays Calypso.

    Hopefully you’ll manage a trip to London soon. Unfortunately, it looks as though we’ll be under semi-lockdown again, with rumours of a ban on household mixing indoors and outdoor service only for restaurants.

    • The last time I was in London was in August 2019. I can’t believe it. I used to jump on the Eurostar and go regularly. I miss it. All being well, I’ll go sometime in 2022.

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