the tragedy of Macbeth, new Coen film

As a lover of both Shakespeare and the Coen brothers’ films, I was thrilled to learn of this startling new movie written and directed by Joel Coen. The visuals are breath-taking. Can’t wait to see this!

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

Shakespeare. Macbeth. Act 4, Scene 1.


A brief synopsis: 

Three witches tell the Scottish general Macbeth that he will be King of Scotland. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth kills the king, becomes the new king, and kills more people out of paranoia. Civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in more death.


3 thoughts on “the tragedy of Macbeth, new Coen film

  1. Looks amazing. I saw Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. She is a treasure.
    I’m going to eventually get a month of Apple+ so that I can watch Ted Lasso, season two. If you haven’t seen it, it’s wonderful. Macbeth will be added to the Apple+ list. I also love everything the Coen brothers do. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything by just one of them, though.

      • Ted Lasso is just a wonderful (award winning) TV show.
        Did I thank you for the birthday card?? I’ve been pretty out of it – but I’m on the mend. I’ve been sick for 3 1/2 weeks and I still have a way to go. I’m better every day, though!

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