flag day, to honor the victims of the November 2015 terrorist attacks

To honor and pay tribute to the victims of the horrific November 2015 terrorist attacks that took place in several different locations around Paris, the good citizens of France were invited to hang flags from their windows and balconies. And if a flag wasn’t handy, well…use your imagination!

bras3 chairs3 towelsflag fourflag eightflag sevenflag oneflag sixflag and hands

Incidentally, President Macron recently changed the color of the French flag, but no one noticed. The blue is now a darker, navy blue.

6 thoughts on “flag day, to honor the victims of the November 2015 terrorist attacks

    • Not quite sure why, something to do with the French Navy colors; I don’t know. We have far more pressing matters to attend to here (and the world over). The general opinion here is that it was a frivolous act.

  1. thank you so much for sharing this – I think there must be many of us who had no idea – I loved the creative ways people chose to display the colours – I loved the deeply human gesture shared by so many in honour of the lost souls

    • Yes, the French are a creative people. And proud. You can see their pride as they stand with their flag, and that’s very touching. Those terrorist attacks were more than devastating (I can barely find the right word.) After they occurred, I put up a devastating post here:


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