2 thoughts on “November 11th. Remembrance Day. the stupidity of war.

  1. I was very moved by your tribute to those that answered the call to service.

    Your photo entry of the Canadian cemetaries in Northern France connected with a blog entry/story by Heather Cox Richardson’s “Letters from an American” … about Canadian Expeditionary Force Private George Lawrence Price. The madness of war. I don’t often provide links, but this is worth a reading.



    • Thanks, CB.

      I read somewhere that the underlying cause of many wars are not about land grabs or instilling democracy or nation-building, but about humiliation. This was certainly the case for Germany at the end of World War I. Having no choice but to sign the Treaty of Versailles, it (the humiliation and that harsh treaty) was the principal reason for World War II !

      Thanks for introducing me to Heather Cox Richardson.

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