Chapon chocolate

Sunday Paris Oct 13th - 6th arr 083

The good news is that Chapon Chocolatier is located far from my apartment. Far away on the other side of town, across the river on the Left Bank. (I live on the Right Bank.)

The bad news is … well, there is no bad news, other than the fact that Chapon Chocolatier is closed on Monday mornings.

Patrice Chapon has won numerous awards for his chocolate concoctions. But the biggest prize should go to the four bowls of rich, silky mousse in the shop window. As I stood in the hankie-sized shop, at least eight people pressed their faces to the window to gaze in at them. Each mousse is made from the cocoa beans of a different region: Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador. Each mousse has varying degrees of sweetness and intensity. In the cold weather, thick take-out hot chocolate is on offer.

Sunday Paris Oct 13th - 6th arr 085Sunday Paris Oct 13th - 6th arr 088

Does chocolate make you happy?

Sunday Paris Oct 13th - 6th arr 090

Studies show that eating chocolate affects the levels of endorphins in the brain, thus causing feelings of euphoria.

Sunday Paris Oct 13th - 6th arr 089Paris street April 2013 007

Here’s my euphoria: buying some Chapon chocolate then heading to the café directly across the street to stand up at the counter, order a double espresso and slowly savour the coffee and chocolate together.

Cocoa and coffee bean heaven. Amen.

69 rue du Bac
Paris 75007 (7th arrondissement)
Metro: Rue du Bac

5 thoughts on “Chapon chocolate

  1. Oh goodness, what mouth-watering photos! I love dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and those mousses look delicious. Paris is on my list of places to visit. Although it’s so close to me — just a short trip on the Eurostar — I haven’t made it there yet. I’ll make a note of Chapon for a future visit.

    • I used to pop over to London all the time. Since Covid, however, I haven’t been and I miss it. (Click on LONDON up top to see all my blog posts on that city.)
      Yes, Chapon has a few addresses, look on their website for addresses. Gosh, looking at the photos, I now have a sudden urge for their choco mousse!!

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