la rentrée – return to school, work, routine

In France, the beginning of September is called “la rentrée” which means “return, re-entry”. It officially signifies the end of summer vacation and return to work and school. New clothes, new books and school supplies, new haircuts, new art exhibitions (more on that in my next blog post which I’m excited about.) I went to a new hairdresser the day before I returned to work and am pleased with the result.

Already, the presidential election campaign is gearing up (next year is election year.) For the first time, now that I have French citizenship, I’m able to vote! Three days ago, President Macron made a trip down to Marseilles declaring that he wasn’t there to make false promises, but rather a commitment to “project the country into the future” and invest 1.5 billion euros to the city for security, education and hospitals.

Gosh, that’s a lot of money. How come he completely ignored the problems in Marseilles up until now? Oh, right. Because next year is election year.

Let’s see, what else is happening. I’m still slogging away on my memoir (yes, slogging … writing is hard!) The good news is that I’ve reached the Epilogue. I’m an excruciatingly slow writer and I work only on weekends because I have a full-time job. When I told my 17 year old goddaughter last week that I’m still working on my book project, she puffed in protest. “Tata! Are you still working on that darn book? It’s been years! When will it be finished?!” Before the end of the year, I told her. This year.

Some authors are able to write very fast and this baffles me. During the Covid lockdown last year when the world stopped for three months, some of them wrote a book from start to finish during that time period. How is this possible? My problem is that I’m a slow thinker. I need to ponder and process a lot of ideas and info before coming to a just conclusion.

Speaking of authors, I totally respect and agree with Hilary Mantel, the double Booker prize winner, who said in an interview that she feels “ashamed” to be living in the nation that elected the current Conservative government, and that Boris Johnson “should not be in public life”. She opposed BREXIT and hopes to become an Irish citizen to “become European again”. She also questions the relevance of the Royal family. Article below in today’s The Guardian.

2:30 pm on a warm and breezy Saturday afternoon and I’m going to walk to my local library. Afterwards, I’ll do a spot of food shopping. A new butcher has opened up in my neighborhood and everyone is flocking. The quality of the meat is better than the other butchers, I noticed it straight away (and I’m not a big meat eater.) Tonight: Asian meatballs with a salad. I have a bottle of rosé chilling in the fridge. Stay tuned for my next blog post announcing a thrilling new art exhibition in Paris.

6 thoughts on “la rentrée – return to school, work, routine

  1. Mantel should be in Florida USA – here our Governor Desantis with the highest virus hospitalization in the nation decided to ban mandatory masks in schools, disses vaccines, masks & any COVID safety so now our state is approaching #1 in death toll per capita. Our hospitals are overwhelmed & portable morgues brought in for COVID dead. And children infections rising to record numbers.

    • In the name of freedom, Desantis is a willing accomplice to thousands of deaths and illness in his state. I hope he gets infected and suffers a long and painful bout of Covid.

  2. Loved seeing your self portrait!! You look wonderful! Here, schools have been back in session since mid-August, but in my head, Labor Day will always be the signal to go back to school.

    I’m becoming more and more sad and anxious about this country (USA). It’s almost impossible to believe how much things are moving backwards. Ellen mentioned the madness in Florida. Texas is also heading back to the dark ages, and other GOP states are not far behind. Here in California, our Democrat governor is being threatened by a rabid bunch of Republicans. The recall vote is coming up soon – hopefully the insanity will be defeated.

    On a much lighter note – I’m so happy about the progress with your book. I can’t wait to read it!
    FYI: I loved Hilary Mantel’s trilogy.

    • Hey Lori, good to hear from you! I was thinking the same thing about moving backwards and not forward. The Taliban who want to drag women back to the 7th century. That anti abortion stance in Texas that will drag women back to pre Roe vs Wade of 1973, for god’s sake. The American Supreme Court that could very well overturn Roe vs Wade thanks to Trump who put those ultra conservative fanatics in there. It’s like a bad dream.

      Maybe you should move back to Canada. Thanks for your comments. Hope you’re keeping well.

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