25 Afghan refugees arrive in Lille, France

They’re in charge now. Is this how you govern a country? By wielding AK-47 assault rifles?

The Socialist mayor, Madame Aubry, welcomed 25 Afghans to this northern city where I’m currently on vacation. France will accept thousands more, as will many other countries following President Biden’s blunderous withdrawal from that country.

My friend who lives in Lille is an interpreter who works with the French government. He will meet with the Afghan families. He speaks French, English, Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi. Farsi is similar to one of the Afghan languages which is Dari.

The good citizens of Lille are invited to donate clothes, toys, blankets, linens and basic necessity products, etc. to the Afghan families.


3 thoughts on “25 Afghan refugees arrive in Lille, France

  1. Bless Lille and praying that this resettlement will benefit both the people of France and the Afghan refugees ❤️🤲🏻

    • I was thinking: there are dozens of abandoned villages in southern Italy where houses are being sold for one euro. Abandoned because the youth have all left to find employment elsewhere. A handful of “elders” still live in the villages. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to invite Afghan families to go and live there and to rebuild and revitalize those villages. Everyone would benefit.

      • This is a very interesting discussion Jules and one that will involve a lot of stakeholders, vision and lessons learnt from the past to inform such an endeavour. I do think resettlement and integration needs alot of care and delicacy from both the new arrivals and host community or we run the risk of it eventually backfiring and trigger a backlash. I do agree w the notion of making it a win win scenario where both sides mutually benefit though and wish for that to be the case for all resettlement efforts

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