a beautiful Wednesday

The weather is perfect here: not too hot, strong cool breeze and fluffy clouds skudding across a cobalt-blue sky. Too nice to stay indoors, that’s for sure. I grabbed my camera and hopped onto the metro to Concorde then changed to the number 14 line. My destination was my favorite large park on the other side of the city: Bercy Park. Why do I like this green space so? Because it runs alongside the river Seine and there’s always a breeze. Because it’s full of interesting things like a beautiful rose garden, a maze, a duck pond and gorgeous trees and foliage. At the far end is Bercy Village, a cluster of shops and restaurants. It was so nice to see people eating outside in groups and enjoying themselves. Paris has officially re-opened!

Schoolkids running in the shrubbery maze:

When you live in a small apartment with no balcony, you’ll take any garden, green space, park or parkette. Coming back, I ended up in front of one of the world’s greatest museums before jumping back on the metro and heading home for ice cream.

2 thoughts on “a beautiful Wednesday

  1. Image of the 4 cups and saucers is stunning! How is it that it only appears if you click on one of the other pictures?

    • 4 cups and saucers … I had to think twice before I understood. In fact, they’re porcelain coffee filter holders used at Monmouth Coffee Shop in London. The big photo is a header for the blog. If you scroll down to the recent blog post on London, you’ll see the photo again taken at Borough Market. Yes, I took that photo and like it too! I’m not quite sure why you have to click on another picture for it to appear ….

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