Paris re-opens!

Paris is re-opening – hooray! (Or “hourra!”, as we say in France.)

What with curfew, lockdown, stores, restaurants and museums shuttered, it’s been glum. Over the weekend and because of the 7 pm curfew, the kids and I couldn’t go out at night. Starting tomorrow though there’ll still be a curfew but pushed forward to 9 pm.

Starting tomorrow, it’s all opening up: department stores, museums, cinemas and theaters, café terraces and all stores and shops (with limited numbers of people allowed.) What I missed most were museums and department stores. I cook a lot at home, so I didn’t miss restaurants that much.

My first outing? To Au Printemps department store on the boulevard Haussmann and to the magnificent Louvre to wander the exhibition halls and look at great, great Art.

There’s also the new Hotel de la Marine which has just opened on the Place de la Concorde after years and years of renovation. Link below.

Louvre Museum Official Website

Hôtel de la Marine (

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