Emmanuel Macron on American television speaking about vaccines

In case you missed it, here’s the President of France speaking on Face the Nation about vaccines in France. Well, I’ve been trying to get one for awhile now, but they’re only available to those over 70 years old and younger people with risk factors. All my friends in the U.K. have had their “jabs”, as they call them. Not so here.

He then goes on to speak about other topics. It’s funny to hear him speaking English.

(284) Full interview: French President Emmanuel Macron on “Face the Nation” – YouTube

6 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron on American television speaking about vaccines

      • Well at least Macron is younger and speaks with enthusiasm and without acrimony unlike the 4 years of Trump Tweets.
        Biden is trying hard & doing a good job given the mess Trump left him. Still Kennedy and Obama had charisma that inspired ppl.

      • I don’t ever want to hear the name “Trump” again, and I wish the media would stop mentioning him. Biden’s doing a terrific job with such speed, determination and focus. Everyone’s talking about him here in Europe. Biden this, Biden that.

    • You’re better off waiting a bit because in USA breakthrough COVID in fully vaccinated with Pfizer & Moderna. Right now both working to protect against new variants which may be incorporated in initial doses or if not than boosters.
      The MRNA (Pfizer & Moderna) even though 2 separate shots more protective if you can access these.
      Also COVID therapeutic Treatments that are being tested like Ivermectine & Exo-24cd seem promising.
      At least in France, there does not appear to be crazy cults like QANON & others that reject all COVID safety protocol & why USA high cases and deaths despite our medical technology and wealth.
      Stay safe. Wear a mask 😷 in public places.

      • Thanks for that info. Many people in France reject AstraZeneca (afraid of blood clots.) There are people who are anti-vaccine here, but they’re a minority. I hope to travel to London early June, so I should be able to get myself vaccinated by then (fingers crossed).
        I wear a mask all day long! As soon as I leave my apartment in the morning – all day at the office – until I get home in the evening I wear my FFP2 mask. Anyway, thanks again for the info and for commenting.
        Take care, you too.

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