Grace Kelly’s grand-daughter, Charlotte

Tragically, Grace Kelly died at the age of 52 in a horrendous car accident in 1982 on a steep and winding mountainous road above the principality of Monaco where she lived. She was a ravishingly beautiful woman, inside and out.

It was during the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 that she met Prince Rainier III, the sovereign of the Principality of Monaco, located east of Cannes on the French Riviera. By this time, Kelly was a successful actress, but her biggest role was as Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier in April 1956.

They had three children: Caroline (1957), Albert (1958) and Stephanie (1965). In 1986, Caroline gave birth to a girl, Charlotte. Tragically, Charlotte’s father, Stefano Casiraghi, an Italian industrialist, was killed in a speedboat racing accident in 1990.

Charlotte is eleventh in line to the throne of Monaco.

Here’s the 34-year old Charlotte Casiraghi today discussing books. What strikes the viewer are two things: her deep voice, and her resemblance to her mother when Caroline was younger.

What strikes me is the sad fact that Charlotte Casiraghi never knew her grandmother, Grace, nor her own father.

(195) In the library of Charlotte Casiraghi — CHANEL – YouTube

4 thoughts on “Grace Kelly’s grand-daughter, Charlotte

  1. Hello dear Juliet In Paris,

    the other day you wrote that your readers hardly ever respond in writing to you, that they do not interact. That struck me. So, here I am. (I just have too many blogs and social media stuff going on. You therefore never hear from me).

    I have a long term crush on both Princess Caroline, dating back to when I was a young girl. I remember back in the day, growing up in Germany, many women would buy those gossip magazines. The Royal Family of Monaco featured prominently in these magazine. Caroline was a little bit older than I and a lot more chic in life. Later in NYC I even had her as a customer once, working in the fashion world. Very down to earth, modern and cool.

    Nowadays I absoulutely admire and adore Charlotte Casiraghi Rassam. Her beauty is astonishing to me.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    With friendly greetings from Bavaria

    • Hello Susasusa – greetings from Paris to Bavaria!

      That was sweet of you to reply to me. I do have a small, loyal following of readers who write comments, but it has always perplexed me why I don’t have more. According to my WordPress statistics, I receive hundreds of hits a day from all over the world. Oh well. As long as people are reading my blog, that’s OK with me; no one is obliged to send a comment.

      I know quite a few women who had a crush (and still do) on Princess Caroline. Yes, she was/is chic and glamorous, just like her mother. Clearly, the glam genes have passed on to her daughter, Charlotte.

      So, you actually met Caroline in NYC? Despite their status, the family does come across as down to earth and not snooty.

      Thanks so much for writing. I wish you too a very pleasant weekend.


    • Hi Genna. That’s very kind of you, thank you. It’s nice to hear from the folks on the other side of the screen from time to time.
      I wish you all the best for 2021. Fingers crossed that by summer all this will be a distant memory!

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