two Saturday night lockdown movies

I can’t think of anything better to do on a lockdown Saturday night than to watch a great movie. Kiss Me Deadly, based on the crime novel by Mickey Spillane and featuring Cloris Leachman in her film debut is what I’ll be watching tonight. Leachman died four days ago at the age of 94.

The opening scene alone is worth watching: a barefooted blonde in a trench coat running down a deserted highway at night against the sound of great music. This is film noir at its best. Made in 1955.

Note: for a few seconds, while the opening credits run, the sound cuts off, but comes back on again. Link below.

But if crime isn’t your cup of tea, then I recommend another great film: Rod Serling’s Patterns from 1956 and starring Van Heflin. It has over a million hits on YouTube.

Why do I love these old films? Because they’re time capsules, bearing witness to history and serving as reminders of a forgotten age.

(189) Kiss Me Deadly – HD Film Noir From The Vault – YouTube

Patterns (1956) ROD SERLING

(189) Patterns (1956) ROD SERLING – YouTube

5 thoughts on “two Saturday night lockdown movies

  1. Recently I found Jean Luc Goddard’s Breathless on a streaming site. I am not sure it holds up well by today’s standards, but considering its original context it is quite the film. I am sure you know it.
    If you have access to the Criterion Collection you will find a wealth of noir and other worthy classic cinema
    I hope you can find a way to gain access to its films in Europe.

    • Thanks, Sherman. Alas, the excellent Criterion Collection is unavailable in Europe, I already tried. Have you ever seen the remake of Breathless? Same title, it was made in 1983 and stars Richard Gere. It’s really good!

      • Yes,, I did see the remake a long time ago, and remember little about it…so many movies, so little time…:-)…on a new topic.. we may get 8 inches of snow tonight. I think I have had enough of winter, thank you very much…:-)

  2. Thanks for these movie recommendations, Jules! Bottle of red wine tonight, spaghetti bolognese and a good movie.

    Happy lockdown. 🙂

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