have you met Kylie Flavell?

Kylie is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, journalist and cook, passionate about making cinematic content that spreads joy, beauty and renewed faith in humanity. Australian-born, but based in some sublime spot in Tuscany, she has embraced living as an expat.

She might not be everyone’s cup of tea – at times she comes across as winsome. She has a huge following of subscribers and patrons.

I stumbled across her vlogs while searching for something about Italy on YouTube. She really is a talented film-maker, her visuals of the Italian landscape (put to music) are stunning. My personal favorites are her vlogs of the Aeolian archipelago (Stromboli, Lipari and Panarea), a cluster of volcanic islands just north of Sicily, named after the demigod of the winds, Aeolus. I’ve been wanting to go there for decades, but have not yet been.

She’s a one-woman team and good for her. Oh, and her Italian? She speaks it fluently (I’m jealous because Italian is my favorite language, moreso than French.) She also offers up some darn good recipes.

Ready to be transported to Tuscany? This is Part 1 of her latest Christmas video below – great music in the background. There’s also a Part 2. But make sure to watch her other vids, especially the series entitled “SICILY: Part 1 Stromboli, Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie, Sicilia)”.


6 thoughts on “have you met Kylie Flavell?

    • Isn’t it? My view is noisy scooters, another building and street traffic. Thanks so much for your Christmas greetings, Dick and Dan. I wish you both the best of health and happiness. May the joy of Christmas be with you all throughout the year 2021.

  1. She is so talented! I really admire these characters who can do so much with their artistic talents… the spheres she made are really pretty and original… gorgeous Christmas ornaments!

    • I know, I love her aesthetic. In her other videos she actually uses a drone to film the landscape! Please watch her vlogs on Sicily and those islands, they’re just breathtaking.

      I’d love to be able to cook meals, decorate and do what she does …. but who has the time?? Maybe when I retire, but right now I have a full-time job which takes up all my time during the week.

      • Ok Ive earmarked her Youtube channel for the Sicily and island videos… and damn right Id love to do all these things too but yes where do we get the time when working full time??? In a way the lockdown has allowed me to do a few other non work stuff like learning to make no bake cakes and investing in more outdoor activities but it will be a long way to get to her repertoire!

      • Well, to be honest, this is her full-time job because she has “patrons” who send her money via her YouTube channel. I must admit I was a little bit surprised when I figured that out. I don’t think I’d be able to do that, it’s not my style to ask strangers for money. BUT, hey, she’s a very creative young woman and brings joy and inspiration to others. So good luck to her.

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